Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation

The Milagro Foundation is a publicly supported foundation established by Carlos Santana and his family in 1998.

Milagro benefits underserved and vulnerable children around the world by making grants to community based tax-exempt organizations that work with children in the areas of education, health and the arts.

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Recently in The Milagro Foundation Newsletter:

“Living an underpriviledged childhood, a teacher reached out to a young David Smith, President of Graystone Builders Inc. to make sure he has a full meal each day at school. This resulted in a positive change in both his attitude and academics.

It is Graystone’s goal to ensure children get at least one meal to look forward to each day. Since Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation puts such a focus on children, it was the perfect choice for Graystone to partner with.”

All donations to the Milagro Foundtion are going directly to the The Conscious Kitchen

Learn more about The Conscious Kitchen

Love for Love City

Love for Love city was created as a fund to channel the right kinds of relief to the people who truly need the help. We are partnering with local charities, with a focus on St. John, to identify needs, create transport for materials, make sure help goes where it’s crucial – and the resources get to the people rebuilding.

Already planeloads of food, water, tools, tarps, generator, medical supplies and clothing have been delivered. We recognize this process is ongoing; not just weeks or months, but years are going to be required to restore the island. Love for Love City is about the sustained effort to support St. John and the entire Virgin Islands.

Working with various national, international, and corporate entities, Love for Love City comes from the heart of No Shoes Nation. We are people who dig in when needed, give when we see struggle and seek to find the best ways to make a difference. Every little bit helps.

Take a look at the email we received from the winner of our Kenny Chesney ticket raffle.

“Sending many thanks one more time and it probably won’t be the last because you can never say it too many times! We received the Kenny Chesney tickets and just, WOW! You weren’t kidding when you said amazing seats! I was just hoping for my first experience at one of his concerts but you guys went over the top. Words cannot express how unbelievably grateful I feel.

You all have such a big heart. The support you are providing to St. John and the Virgin Islands is so incredible. I’m so amazing to see the progress but at the same time not surprised at all. Can’t wait to get back there!”

Graystone was able to raise approxiamtely $70,000 through matching donations for Love for Love City!

Visit their website.

Be Like Brit

Our commitment is to continue the compassion of Britney Gengel by serving the children of Haiti through sustaining a safe, nurturing home rooted in the virtues of Faith, Hope and Love while developing a sense of social responsibility, community involvement and unconditional  love.

Our Vision: To raise the next generation of leaders in Haiti.

Scroll through the pictures to see a home that was built in Haiti and funded by Graystone Builders.

Graystone will match any donations made to Be Like Brit up to $5,000. Please call the office to learn more! 

Visit their website.

Building Homes For Heroes

Buy a Graystone Sweatshirt and we will donate ALL proceeds to Building Homes for heroes! A charity that builds and modifies homes for wounded Veterans and their families.

Sweatshirts are $30

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